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Water-Soluble vs. Oil-Soluble CBD | Nanop2 Water Soluble CBD liquid

Water-Soluble vs. Oil-Soluble CBD

Water-Soluble vs. Oil-Soluble CBD : What You Need To Know

CBD oil extracted from hemp has become quite popular over the last few years. Also referred to as cannabidiol, CBD is a very beneficial compound extracted from hemp plants. Not many people are aware about it but those who are often associate it with the oil. Some oil-based products include vapes, creams and tinctures, manufactured from this.

Of course, oil and water don’t mix. It might be a bit tricky when it comes to CBD and any other oil-soluble plant extracts out there because most of the supplements and products in the market are not oil-based. You should know that CBD, when in its natural oil form can only be used in specific ways such as tinctures. It should not be swallowed for very specific reasons.

Bioavailability is the most important thing to learn here. It refers to how much any given substance can actually be absorbed in the body. for instance, there is one bodily process that’s responsible for the prevention of CBD oil in the stomach.

First Pass Metabolism

It is also referred to as the first pass effect. It is a physiological issue in drug delivery science or plant extracts where the concentration of a particular compound is often reduced before it can reach the systemic circulation. With the reduced concentration, there will be a notable decrease in bioavailability. It’s actually a common problem affecting a lot of products such as lidocaine, morphine, curcumin( from turmeric), nitroglycerin and numerous other compounds found in cannabis.

CBD, when ingested in the natural oil state, will not make it safely through the hepatic portal vein. The first pass metabolism affects the bioavailability of CBD if it’s taken through the mouth. However, there are a few chemistry related techniques to surpass this disadvantage.

For instance, if your rub the CBD on your skin or take a few drops with a tincture and put them under your tongue as well as smoking a vape pen, allows the compound to get into the systemic circulation. Any of these ingestion mechanisms will not connect with the first-pass effect and the bioavailability will not be affected negatively.

What’s The Big Problem?

Well, there’s still a problem because the body can’t absorb CBD effectively if it is swallowed in its natural oil state. You might assume all the CBD drinks and capsules out there might surpass the problem. However, if you are thinking you are not getting what’s been advertised, you should know it mostly depends on the method used to formulate the CBD extract.

As mentioned above, the first pass effect will decrease the bioavailability of CBD oil when you swallow it. Therefore, all the CBD oil capsules in the market have the worst absorption rates. For instance, you might take a 20mg capsule and only absorb 5mg. Luckily, researchers all over the world have addressed this issue and have come up with brilliant ways to overcome the first pass effect.

For instance, they have come up with novel chemistry methods commonly used in drug delivery science. They have become integral in the whole aspect because almost 40% of the new drug compounds are hydrophobic and feature the same bioavailability issues as CBD.

Water Soluble CBD

To overcome the first pass metabolism effect, you need to learn how to convert the naturally oil-soluble CBD into a water-soluble form. It makes a lot of sense since people are made out of 50% to 60% of water. UnCanny Wellness has devised a technique known as SEEDS (Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System) with unparalleled potential in improving the oral bioavailability of the poorly water soluble drugs.

Simply think of CBD extract in its oil form as a big blog. When it enters your stomach, it will be too large to pass through the gut lining and enters the systemic circulation without the enzymes doing their job of breaking it down. It’s then passed to the liver for further processing.

When the oil is converted into a water-soluble powder, the blob is broken down into smaller pieces. The micro pieces are encapsulated inside other non-toxic materials to make sure they are stable in the new form. As a result, there is an off-white, micro-encapsulated, water-soluble, full-spectrum hemp extract. The conversion process will overcome the first pass effect allowing CBD and any other similar compound to be consumed orally without worrying about bioavailability.

Why Is It Important?

The conversion of CBD oil into a water-soluble powder increases the ways it can be used. Now, people don’t have to use tinctures under their tongues or vape pens to get their CBD doses. If you go through the health and wellness aisles in various natural food stores, there are many drink powders and capsules. When you convert CBD into a water soluble powder, it can be incorporated into these products effortlessly.

Now, there are many possibilities out there. People can use capsules effectively for the delivery of CBD and it can be added to any product without fail. There are endless potentials on how to ingest it. That’s why it’s become so popular and commonly used in our daily lives. Yes, you can drop the CBD into some of the examples above but the absorption rate as mentioned would be incredibly low. It’s unacceptable to be wasting your money using the products and not enjoy the full benefits.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to feel like you’re doing a tough chore supplementing CBD into your health and wellness routine every day. The cannabis plant is part of our livelihoods and hemp plays are very important role in our history. There are a lot of benefits of CBD but it needs to be absorbed properly in the body for someone to enjoy these benefits.

Oil soluble options might have ruled the market but water soluble options have become much more acceptable. You can add the latter to anything and enjoy your regular dose of CBD without any issues. Scientists are still out there looking for the best way to absorb CBD in the system and there are many more